I’m making a private server!

Thats right, me and my brother have been working on putting up a private server.  Its a really old version, v.55, but I’m trying to make some changes, like adding in Horntail and the like.  Mastery Books will be sold at NPC and the rates for now are 15x exp/5x drop/10x Meso.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when its up and running!  I’m new to all this MySQL stuff so Its taking longer then I thought it would.  



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Helping out my Twitter friend!


Made this video from a recording of a skype call between myself and ThatWasMyKil, while I killed Griffey and Manon for one of my Twitter followers, since he was having trouble doing it on a priest.  I shared my screen via Skype, and Josh helped me through it since I have never used a priest/bishop before, except for HS muling.  I hope you like it!

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You’re invited!

01/02/2012 3 comments

Click the image to find out what time my level 200 will be for you! I hope to see you there!

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Mercedes and Evan Duo the Showa Boss!

26/01/2012 2 comments


Me and my best friend Lulu duoing the Showa boss!  It only took about 5 minutes to do.  Its hard to see her damage unless I’m buffing, but look because it is crazy high.  The song at the end got butchered at the last second, I’m assuming from the render, but the audio throughout the video I’m pretty proud of.  Thanks for checking it out, stay tuned for more!

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Check out this pretty sweet site!

I just discovered my friend has a pretty neat podcast going.  It mostly revolves around video game music, but you get to hear his silky smooth voice as well.  Greatly done, highly recommend you check it out!

I’ll be back with more videos, currently editting: BGA/BGB/Big Boss video, Pink Bean video, and wedding video!  Stay tuned!

Bit Hits Radio, the only radio show with BLAST PROCESSING

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ThatWasMyKil vs GetSieazyy at Zak Arms!

21/01/2012 5 comments

Josh from www.thatwasmykil.com raced me at Zak arms, and this is the result. Also its my first video, so be nice! Its a little laggy, but I had skype, fraps, internet, and maple open because I’m not that smart ;D.

Look forward to more!

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I’m pretty sure YouTube hates me!

I woke up today, ready to post that video for you guys, but after 8 hours its only 42% uploaded, and it has about 1000 minutes left, so I’m thinking that it will have to wait until I am home from work, sorry guys! Thanks for bearing with me!

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