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Doug’s Foolproof Bandit Guide~

16/09/2011 4 comments

I’ve been asked to write a bandit guide, and as I am a pretty experienced shadower, I figure I can help you new shadowers out!  If you have any concerns or questions feel free to comment and I’ll address them!

First lets talk about AP.  When I started my shad I was completely unfunded.  As such, I am not dexless.  I have 90 base dex.  If you wanna go dexless, more power to you.  You will see an increase in damage early on, but you will be out damaged by low dex/reg dex shads later on, unless you can fund enough dex equips to wear a normal dagger, or you can fund a VIP.

One thing I can not stress enough, GO STRENGTHLESS.  Do not put any points on strength.  You need 60 for a khanjar, and 75 for a Dragon Khanjar.. and that is not hard to get with normal equips.  Czaks and HTPs are cheap enough now to be affordable to unfunded/low funded people, and thats 35-40 strength right there.  With evo rings and other equips you’ll be right about there.  SO NO STRENGTH.

Other then that, Luk all day.  Normal dex cap is 50-60, but look at your funding and decide how much dex you want.  You can always add more later.  A good rule is go dexless for the first 50 or so levels, and then start adding in dex as you start to get your endgame equips ready.

Now that we’ve covered AP, lets talk about SP

1st/2nd Job

There’s no real need for a guide for this, just a few things to remember.  Max Lucky Strike instead of Double Stab.  It does more dmg, and is more useful for early game.  Also, when you’re 4th job, you can get a decent claw and outdmg low-level NLs, and watch them get all angry, which is always fun. But the final stats for 1st job look like this:

Everything max except for Disorder (5) and Double stab (1).

Trust me, Disorder is useless.

For 2nd job the final stats look like this:

Everything max, Steal is left at (11) because it is immediately replaced with BoT.

3rd Job!

The point from advancement goes into SP.  You can leave that at 1 for now, summoning rocks aren’t that expensive.  After that I maxed BoT.  Now this is where I might have a weird build, but this is my blog, so you get to hear my build :D.  I did Meso Guard next,  because it cuts down on your pots and basically doubles your HP.  After MG you should max assaultor, and learn this move well, because it is the most useful and fun move you get.   Other than that you can do what you want.  The end result of 3rd job skills is:

Everything max, Chakra at 3, Shield Mastery at 8.

4th job!!

Congrats~ You finally became a Shadower!  By now you would think you know how to do your skills, but just incase, I’ll go over it anyway.  The points from advancement can go one of two ways.  You can put them in the first 3 skills you’ll max, which would “activate” the passive ones, or you can put them into skills that you’d like to start but wont be maxing until later.  Let me explain.

The first 3 skills you’re going to max are Boomerang Step, then Meso Mastery, then Shadow Shifter. MM and SS are passive skills, which if you put the points from advancement on them, would activate them.  Shifter is nice even at 1 point, it’s a 20% miss rate for the monster.  The other way you could go is 1 point each on Bstep, Assassinate, Smoke Screen.  This would let you use a weak nate, and 30 second smokescreen right after your advancement.  THis is the build I did.  After Shifter is maxed, you can really do what you please with your build.  This is what did:

Bstep>Master>Shifter>Nate>MW>Venom>Smoke>Taunt>Ninja Ambush.

You can do MW before nate, which would help you get into parties sooner, or do venom after shifter to boost your DPM, but of course this is all up to you, MapleStory is your story now, write it!

Training Areas:

This section hardly needs to be done, as training spots for all classes are pretty much the same.  You got your basic training plan:

Pig Beach to 20> Golems to 26> Zombie Lupins to 30> CPQ to 51.

AFter CPQ you can go Scarecrows>Jesters>MP3>Pirates or you can grind until 60 and start Pirate Party Quest, which is also a great way to gain exp.

Of course at 110+ you’ll be LHCing, and at 165 if you are moderately funded you can go to Dark Ereve, but if you have no funding you’ll wanna wait until 18x.

Lets talk about equips-

Here I’ll talk about endgame equips, because what you use up until then doesn’t really matter. Equips every Shad should have:

  1. Czak/HTP> Strength for Khanjar/D Khanjar.
  2. Evo Rings I/II> Easy dex/str
  3. ABR> Cheap, easy to farm, 5 attack
  4. Zombie Ring or Crit/Cruelty ring if you have one

Other than that, just whatever you can find with %luk on it.  3%-6% luck is not too expensive anymore, and with professions you can fuse equips to get nice % easy.  6% gear will cost you about 700m.  Now it’s not the time to say, “Doug, that’s not cheap, that’s really expensive!” Well I’m sorry, but Luk is really expensive, so 700m for a 6% top is cheap.  If that scares you, just wait for my next section:  EDIT: This section is alittle outdated now.  6% gear is significantly cheaper since the introduction of Legendary tier, and general Luk Deflation.  6% gear will cost you around 300m


Khanjars are getting really hard to find, with CWKPQ being closed for so long, but if you can get your hands on one early, they are a good shield to use.  They are 3rd tier potential wise, and are 7 attack clean.  They used to be around 30mil clean, but I haven’t seen any in a while due to CWKPQ.  I still believe that you should invest in a Dragon Khanjar.  They are 3rd tier, and 17 attack clean.  A clean one will run you about a bil, but I’ve seen 21atk+ with 12%luck go for about 3-4b.  Think that’s bad?  Lets talk Daggers.

Common Endgame Daggers:

  1. Reverse Pescas – 105 attack
  2. Timeless Pescas – 107 attack
  3. Nox Von Leon Dagger – 109 attack
  4. Gold Double Knife – 95 attack
  5. VIP Dagger Str- 115 attack Luk- 113 attack
  6. Dragon Kanzir – 100 attack

I would advise staying away from Luk daggers like the Kreda/Blood/Killic simply because they make you look like a Dual Blader, and I hate Dual Bladers.  This is purely personal preference, but the luk daggers have 1-2 attack less than they’re strength dagger equivalent.

Obviously, it’s going to be cheapest to buy a perfected dagger.  The price for a perfect timeless/reverse/VL is around 7-8b.  VIP go for around 9b now.  This may seem like alot, however GM Dagger scrolls are over 1bil now each, and 50%s are 300-400mil, with White Scrolls inflating to 200-300m, so scrolling a dagger is getting costly.  And after you scroll it, you’ll need to cube it too, so just buy a perfect dagger. ANOTHER EDIT: WS have dropped to about 60-70m woo!

This concludes my Bandit guide.  If it works for you, great!  If it doesn’t, sorry I wasted your time!  Please do not reproduce this without my permission or a direct link to this post.  I worked hard writing this, please don’t steal it!

Stay tuned, for I already wrote my next article, and should have it up this weekend.  As always, thanks for reading!