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LHC Training: Glitched vs Non-Glitched Maps

By now everyone is familiar with LHC training.  The majority of 110-200 is done here.   Remember the first time training there?  The exp gain/hour was unheard of.  Getting from 110-150 in a week was now common place.  50% extra exp per party member?  Nothing like this has ever been in GMS.  It was simply, awesome.  And as it goes for every new feature in GMS, the hackers had their way with it.

I remember the first time I saw a glitched map.  They started out only doing Crocky maps.  But my god, they went really overboard.  THe first map I saw had atleast 10 monsters per platform.  It was exp heaven.  I had no idea what was going on, and frankly, I didn’t give a crap.  As an unfunded 15x I was still levelling every hour.  I eventually learned that it was a hack.  This was a few months ago, and even with however many server checks and game updates there have been, they have not done anything to patch or fix this.  This begs the question: Is training on a glitched map legitimate or not?

You’ll find people in both camps.  There’ll be people who will not train if they can’t get a glitched map, and there’ll be people who will not train on a glitched map if their life depended on it.  Well, who’s right?

Obviously there is no right or wrong answer.  This isn’t a black and white issue, it is all about opinion, and that’s not something you can judge.  But since you are here, you get to listen to mine, so here we go!

I’ve never been a guy who makes too many demands while training.  I never -need- HS, I never demand a glitched map.  I have logged quite a few hours at glitched LHC maps, however.  I joined a guild recently that abosluetly abhorred glitched maps as well as anything involving hacking of any kind.  So while I was in the guild I stopped training on glitched maps, and it did feel a little more “legit” I suppose.

After I left that guild I re-evaluated my views on glitched maps and hacking.  I noticed a lot of similarities between glitched map training and other forms on the maple economy.

If you are of the belief that glitched maps are the devil, I will list some things here that you should also avoid, in the name of legitness, of course.

Bossing of any sort

Currently all bosses are glitched, and if you boss, you are exploiting that glitch, which if it doesn’t make you a hacker, makes you a dirty exploiter.  If you hit a boss fast enough and hard enough the boss just sits there, doing nothing. Some people defend this by saying that Nexon made it so if you do enough DPS you render the boss unable to attack.  Well I’m sorry, but that line of thinking is asinine.  There is no reason to put coding like that in the game on purpose.  This is another glitch that Nexon has failed to notice, or chosen to leave as it is.

Seriously, try a Chaos Zakum run.  If you’ve done it before Big Bang, you’ll remember a living hell full of seduce, 1/1, pot lock, dispelling, and zombify.  Czak was extremely hard back then, and only an elite few could conquer it.  Nowadays, the glitch is blindingly obvious.  Summon CZak and just sit there.  You can sit there for the whole timer if you want, because bosses don’t auto-agro anymore.  They wont attack you unless you attack them.  This allows you to pick off arms 1 or 2 at a time, you dirty exploiter.

So to be legit, make sure you stay away from bossing until they fix it!


You should also avoid buying or scrolling equips.  I’m talking about endgame here mostly.  Everyone knows that white scrolls are duped all day every day, so I don’t need to delve too deeply into that.  Its to the point to where I feel safe saying that 99% of the White Scrolls are duped, illegitamately obtained.  Hate training on a glitched map?  Better not scroll with hacked scrolls!

2h 50% pink scrolls are also duped by a lot, and don’t forget the event to obtain them was glitched, so using 2h50% scrolls is abusing a glitch! So make sure you stay away!

As recently as last week a large duping of GM scrolls started too.. So if you’re scrolling, you’d better use 10% and only White Scrolls that you get from Gachapan yourself!  All in the name of legitimacy of course.

Godly Equips

This ties into the previous section a little.  If the person you are buying the equip from didn’t self scroll it, there’s a good chance it was duped.  Especially if it is a godly item that common, or you see around a lot.  If it can be used my multiple classes look out!  It’s probably duped.  15% top/bottoms are duped often, so are perfect weapons.  Remember my method of legit self scrolling!

In conclusion, I do not condone hacking at all.  I do still train at glitched maps, however.  If you are of the belief that training on a glitched map is wrong, then by all means, don’t train there.  YOu are allowed to have an opinion and I am allowed to have a dissenting opinion.  I’m just connecting some dots and making some points.  This is just some food for thought, as always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!

  1. Jess
    21/09/2011 at 08:47

    A couple of typos towards the end, but nothing big. I’m in agreeance with you though Doug, when glitching first started, I was absolutely against it since it was contained to 1-2 channels. Nowadays, it’s become a part of the LHC culture I s’pose. Good to know that Strongholding is 100% legit, and that WE’VE accomplished this last level completely by ourselves 🙂

    • 21/09/2011 at 09:31

      Actually I forgot to run spell check before submitting -_- gg.. fixing now haha. And I agree, this last level feels alot more intense without glitched LHC channels!

  2. wjervis
    21/09/2011 at 19:18

    The only time glitched maps were really a problem was when they got out of hand, and you couldn’t step foot in the map for more than a 3s before dc’ing. Other than that, it’s a harmless exploit. Not saying exploiting is a good thing, such as the exploits that involve actual hacking/package injection. Botting on the other hand, I have no issues with 8D

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