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What I’ve been up to, you ask?

24/10/2011 1 comment

Hello everyone! Thanks for waiting out this month long lull in updates, but I am back!  And I have been busy!

RedShift and I have, due to personal reasons, parted ways.  Tired of attempting to fit into an established guild dynamic, I once again set about on the path of the Guild Leader.  I created my guild, Derivative!

A few of the members that I recruited to RedShift came with me to this guild, and we started building from there.  Currently we have 56 members, and we average between 12-20 online at any given point. We are in a great alliance, Resiliance, which includes Crystalisse, Everlast, Speechless and Nostalgia.  It’s a great and active alliance that I feel lucky about being in!

My marksman is coming along great as well!  I’m having alot of fun playing with new skills and a new character in general.  Double Jump and the increased speed give it the mobility that I’ve always wanted, and now we finally have some power to back us up!  Its very refreshing.  I’m currently level 164 and still training, as I am planning on getting this to 200 too.  THanks for keeping up, and stay tuned for a new entry later this week!




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I’m so sorrrrryy D:

I’ve been tied up in personal issues lately, and have not had a chance to upload my next entry yet.  I promise you it is written and it will be up by tomorrow night at the latest!  I will also switch my equips page from Shadower mode to Marksman mode, so you can take a gander at what I’m using.  Thank you for being faithful and I hope you can bear with me while i get parts of my life more sorted.  You guys Rule<3

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