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Finally made it!

This weekend I accomplished what is probably alot of people’s goal, I reached level 200!  We were scheduled to have a triple level up with XxSluhsiexX, Mayrains, and I, but SOMEONE accidently levelled early ;]

I took it slow and went to skeles at 99.96%, and killed until i had less then 100 exp to go, then I went to snails and whittled it down to 1 exp to level.  I gotta say, I was really nervous I’d pull a “Jess” and level before the shindig, but  I just unequipped my dagger, Hyper Teleport Rocked my ass to ToT and waited for the big moment.  The time came, and I was leeched to 200 by my friend AkumaDesuka!  I myself am unable to take screenshots or I DC, but here are a few from my friends!  ThatWasMyKil was recording the moment but the file was corrupted.  Enjoy the screens!  I’ll be back with a real post in the next few days here, just putting the final touches on it.  Thanks alot guys!


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  1. Jess
    30/09/2011 at 22:19

    Do you want the raw footage Doug? Because I have like 10 minutes of waiting and then levelling and then smega spamming. All tied up with my insane lag and the screenshot lag when you actually level. LOL

    • 30/09/2011 at 22:41

      Ohhhh yes please! Maybe I can do something with it. Even though I suck at editing loool

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