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Guilds and guild hopping; my humble views.

Today i’m going to talk about my experience in the Maplestory guild world.  I’ve been in a good number of guilds and noticed a few things that hold true for just about all of them.

Guilds are a lot different now after Big Bang.  They can level up, have skills that increase attack, speed, exp, etc.  I’m a fan of this for sure, it rewards guild loyalty which is great.  But it seems to have created a side effect that I am definitely not a fan of.  I’m of course talking about the hatred for guild hopping.  First let’s get one thing straight:

What really is guild hopping?

Guild hopping is something that seems to have a very ambiguous definition.  THis is the definition that I go by;

Guild hopping is willfully joining a guild with no intent on staying for any length of time, no matter what.

From what I have gathered over the last few months, this is the definition of guild hopping according to other people:

Guild hopping is leaving a guild for any reason whatsoever.  

First don’t get me wrong.  I am not a fan of guild hoppers.  In my opinion guild hopping is quite rude.  You’re basically using the guild without giving anything back.  The only problem is most people confuse guild hopping with someone who’s just trying to find the right guild.

It seems that once you join a guild, the leader expects you to stay forever, no matter what.  But what if you don’t like the guild?  What if you don’t get along with certain members? Or the alliance?  Well too bad because if you leave the guild, you are a guild hopper, and everyone knows that guild hoppers are the worst thing to happen to Maple ever, for all eternity.  This begs the question, How can you be expected to find the guild that fits you and what you want out of a guild in your first try?

There should be nothing wrong with joining a guild, giving it your best shot, and just deciding that it’s not what you’re looking for.  Leaving a guild in that situation should not get you the dreaded “Guild Hopper” title.  Unfortunately it seems to be the case.

Let me just get one thing straight here;

There is nothing wrong with joining a guild, giving it a few weeks, and leaving because it’s not the guild you want to be in.

Most guild leaders will have you believe otherwise.

Before joining my current guild, I did a lot of searching to find the one for me.  As such, I was given the horrible label of “Guild Hopper.”  People would see me and make comments on how “Oh you’re in a new guild, how cute.”  Well yes I am, because the other guild didn’t fit what I had in my head as the perfect guild for me.

If I had been leaving guilds after being in for a matter of hours then yes, I would be a guild hopper, but staying for a week or more should have some bearing on how people judge you.

By now you may be wondering, “But Doug, guilds have been around forever, and all this ‘guild hopping’ nonsense has just started to surface.”  Yes you are correct, and I believe I know the culprit behind all this.

The real reason why guild hopping is so frowned upon nowadays is simple:


Guilds now a days are so obsessed with their GP and levelling up.  On the flip side prospective guild members are too obsessed with guild level.  The problem with using GP as a guide to good and bad guilds is simple.  GP does not promote anything except staying online.  I have been in my current guild for 2 weeks, and am already rank 7 simply because I never log off. That’s not to say I’m not active, I do host and participate in runs, help out, etc.  The only problem is a lot of people don’t, they just leave their computer on and Voila!, they are top ten rank in the guild.

Now I’m not saying a GP system is bad.  Before Big Bang we had GP.  You earned it not by afking at your desk, but by earning it through GPQ, my personal favourite PQ.  It still didn’t mean much, but it was earned through teamwork, and helped build lots of friendships and guild trust.

Another problem with GP is that it is unrecoverable.  No longer can you kick someone for fun and add em back.  (We called those “Love taps”).  Another problem with that is when we were recruiting for alliance, we would send a jr to the other guild to join it, and scout it out before we added them to alliance.  But not anymore because heaven forbid we lose that precious GP.

I’m starting to get a little off track so I’m going to wrap this up.  Feel free to leave a comment on how many guilds YOU’VE been in.  My total is 7, with the final one being RedShift, which I now consider my home.  And again, if you want me to comment or write an entry on anything, inbox me or comment here, and I”ll see what i can do.  Thanks for reading!

  1. Jess
    13/09/2011 at 13:37

    I remember when right after I disbanded my own guild, my home for a good 12 months, did I partake in this “guild hopping” phenomena too. Granted, it was only 3 guilds until I found AUniversityO, but I think the reason I kept moving was because I kept comparing them to this ideal guild concept. The new guild system was foreign to me, since I’d come back from quitting; so it’s not like I can put too much blame on it. I still had a lot of what-ifs with AUO, and my large accumulation of GP is what encouraged me to stay in it. But ultimately, what keeps me in it today is the large amount of close friends I’ve been able to entice into the guild. In a way, it’s half turned into my old guild; but I definitely love it for its little quirks and antics that bring a smile to my face 🙂

  2. thatwasmykil
    13/09/2011 at 23:10

    Guess I’ll chime in on this… I whole heartedly agree with most of the things said in this article – I believe one of the issues these days is they will give a guild to anyone I wrote a blog about this a few months ago, the issue is people assume that if you make a guild people will join it – while this is somewhat correct a vast majority of members still have to be convinced and the effort to keep them in the guild doesn’t stop there. I have been pretty lucky in respect to the guilds that I have been in when Guild first came out I worked my ass off to get the cash to make and then upgrade a guild I ran this guild for about a year when in the search for more members I made all my members join another guild – this didn’t go down to well and caused both guilds to crash and burn. I then hopped for 6 months and that was a ton of fun. (I believe every one should get a chance to experience other guilds this is how we learn to be better leaders ourself)

    I then Joined Trespass and this kinda was my step from being in just random guilds into a guild that has a very deep respect for each other and we took advantage of this by become the no.1 ranked guild in bera but then thai players got IP blocked and that all died out but I believe it is a testament to our commitment that a year after all the members quit we where still ranked in the top 10. then I was in Tantrix for a few months and they died when the leader joined SSjunkers and so I went back to hopping for a while keeping to myself, when I finally joined my current guild Inspired and I have never met a nicer bunch of people they made me feel at home and I quickly climbed the ranks to become a jr master and now the current guild master.

    I think what I’m trying to show with the above is that not any one can just be a guild leader it took 4 years of experience to get to the position I’m in now – the lessons I learned where invaluable to my progression in this aspect. But this whole GP crap is not helping anything. but that said I cant imagine carrying your GP with you to be very fair. so there must be a happy medium that we can all live with.

  3. Bro4life
    14/09/2011 at 16:41

    Obviously if people bitch about this they are huge faggots. so fuck bitches get mesos, ya dig?

  4. 18/09/2011 at 15:14

    I see what you did there :3 I remember back in the day I did heaps of guild hoping. Surprisingly more than ray.

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